Mini Meets are one-day model railway events for members of the CMRS and usually include clinics, displays (Show and Tell), related activities, and sometimes lunch.

Other events, such as the following, are sometimes combined with a particular mini meet:

  • Annual General Meeting of the CMRS
  • CMT's (Calgary Model Trainmen's) Fleamarket

See Mini Meet Resources for Show and Tell Photos and Clinic Materials from previous Mini Meets.

CMRS Fall Mini Meet
was held
Sunday, October 20, 2019
Glenmore Inn, 2720 Glenmore Trail SE

(corner of Glenmore Trail & Odgen Road, SE)


Time Event
09:00 - 10:00


10:00 - 12:00 Viewing and Voting
12:00 - 12: 15 Takedown


Time Clinic
10:15 - 11:15

Roger Walker – Modelling the Thompson River Canyon Modelling River Valleys with Emphasis on Scenery and Running Water.

This clinic comes in two parts, and will be both a slide presentation and a demonstration. In part 1 I will show how to make the basic Valley shape using hard shell. I will show how to install rocks and scree, and how to add ground cover (mostly from Woodlands Scenics) and how to model low bushes (sage brush). In part 2 I will demonstrate how to add turbulent water using Woodlands Scenics "Deep Pour" and "Waves". I will show how the waves develop from obstructions at the edge of the river, and how to form the waves. I will finally use acrylics to add white caps and turbulence to the waves

10:15 - 11:15

Laurie Kitchen - Understanding Electricity and Good Wiring Practices.

This clinic is intended for those who feel somewhat intimidated by electricity and wiring. The first half will focus on understanding the basics, definitions of common terms used in electrical circuits and their relationships to each other. The second half will deal with wiring of model railroads: what types of wire to use for different services, rail as a conductor, how to make good connections, diagnosing problems, safety, documentation and tools.

11:15 - 12:15 John Crowdis - Beyond the Powders & Chalks: New Techniques for Weathering Your Trains

The goal of weathering is not to make your locomotives and rolling stock look dirty, but rather to create the illusion of size and realism. This workshop looks at the process of weathering, along with some new tricks and techniques stol... er... borrowed from other modelling genres. This workshop looks beyond so-called traditional methods, and shows how some very realistic results can be achieved with relative ease.

John Crowdis is a relatively new “returnee” to model railroading. Having learned his craft initially with fantasy & science-fiction genres, with a good trip through military modelling, he began applying what he learned to model railroading when his kids encouraged his return to the trains that he played with as a boy. A member of Cantrak since 2016, John started a YouTube channel called “JC’s Riptrack” in September 2018, dedicated to the art of weathering and painting model trains. The channel has garnered an international following, which has grown to approximately 1900 subscribers and continues to grow. Check out John’s YouTube channel at:

12:15– 1:30 Lunch and AGM
1:30 – 2:30

Jim Ironside –Lightweight Sectional Construction for Model Railways

Sectional construction makes your railway empire easier to build, easier to maintain, and easier to move when the inevitable happens. This Clinic shows how to make your railway baseboard in sections which are robust, light weight, and transportable, applicable to home as well as exhibition layouts.

1:30 – 2:30

Dale Sproule- Johnson Landing

My power point presentation describes how I used material/methods to make my Johnson Landing harbour diorama using a selection of tools, scratchbuilding several buildings, roofing materials, Ngineering LED’s and sound cards, roofing materials, water products, signage, static grass and more.

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