CMRS Mini Meet, March 13, 2016

Here are some photos of the highly detailed models at the Show-and-Tell display. Some of the displays did not identify the modeler and others were not recorded by the photographer, so if your model is shown below and you would like credit for your work, drop the webmaster a note.


At the Fall 2015 minimeet, Peter Bouma brought along a built-up kit of a small yard office, and took orders for this model (from FOS scale models). Members were encouraged to build the kit and bring it to the Spring 2016 mini meet. More than 20 people ordered kits. The resulting dioramas were displayed and photos are included below and on the following pages. Thanks again to Peter Bouma for organizing this challenge.

Some members also brought other types of displays. Photos of these are also included beginning on Page 5

FOS Yard Office Displays

Kevin Witherspoon

Gord Smith

Gord Leggatt

Bill Bergman

Brent Ciccone

Peter Bouma

Photo credits: Richard Johnson


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