Mini Meets are one-day model railway events for members of the CMRS and usually include clinics, displays (Show and Tell), related activities, and sometimes lunch.

Other events, such as the following, are sometimes combined with a particular mini meet:

  • Annual General Meeting of the CMRS
  • CMT's (Calgary Model Trainmen's) Fleamarket

See Mini Meet Resources for Show and Tell Photos and Clinic Materials from previous Mini Meets.

CMRS Spring Mini Meet and CMT Annual Fleamarket
will be held
Sunday, March 15, 2020
Glenmore Inn, 2720 Glenmore Trail SE

(corner of Glenmore Trail & Odgen Road, SE)

The events planned for the weekend of March 14 - 15, 2020 have been postponed due to the rapidly developing situation with the COVID-19 Virus.

The Railroad Prototype Modelers meet on Friday/Saturday is cancelled, the CMT Fleamarket and the CMRS Mini Meet are postponed to a later date.

The situation with COVID-19/Corona Virus is rapidly evolving from day to day. We are continually assessing the impact of this situation on our other events. SUPERTRAIN 2020 is also cancelled. See the SUPERTRAIN website for details


Time Event

8:30 a.m. -11:00 a.m.


See March OrderBoard for details on booking tables

11:00 - 11:30 a.m. Flee market items removed


Time Event
11:30 -12:00 Show and Tell set-up
12:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Show and Tell (same room as Fleamarket)


Time Event
12:00 - 1:00 p.m.



Time Clinic
11:00 a.m

Laurie Kitchen - Understanding Electrical Switches and Relays.

This clinic is the second in a series intended for those who feel somewhat intimidated by electricity and wiring. It will focus on understanding terminology around electrical switches and relays, electronic switches versus mechanical switches, specialty switches and relays and their uses, how to pick the right switch or relay for the job, common model railroad applications such as light control, block control, reverse loops, wyes, turntables, switch machines, train detection, multiple throttles, computer interface.

11:00 a.m

Ken Clark - Slocan Star-Silversmith Mines Ltd Power House

A look at the background of the Slocan Star-Silversmith Mine Ltd, 1895-1951+. The main topic will cover the Hydro system from Carpenter Creek & Cody Creek to the plant and the power plant building. The plant provided compressed air and electrical power for the mine and mill. Models of the hydro system and building will be displayed.

1:00 p.m

Tom Price - “Is Anyone There?”

The clinic will review the communication challenges faced by new immigrants to Canada. Development and use of the CPR telegraph service as well as the Railway Mail Service will be presented.

1:00 p.m
(2 hours)
Brian Keay - How to read Canadian Railroad Signals

Railroad signals on CN and CP (and some US railroads) tell the engineer and conductor the route and the maximum speed their train can take through an interlocking. This information is displayed to the train using: a) one, two or three searchlights displaying a combination of colours (red, yellow and/or green), b) solid and/or flashing lights, and c) the use of placards on the signal mast. As can be imagined, the combination of these factors can make signals difficult to understand to rail fans. To add to the confusion, signals can also be displayed on tall masts or dwarf signals. What is fascinating about the signal displayed is that it indicates to the crew not only what they need to do at the signal they are approaching but also what to expect at the next signal. This clinic will focus on how to read the majority of Canadian railroad signals using 5 simple steps and what information signals are conveying to the train crew.

2:00 p.m

Rob Badmington - Rail – From Mill to Mainline (and beyond)

Rail is the most fundamental component of railroads, and this clinic will take you on a photographic journey through every aspect the product. See how rail is made, transported, welded, installed, maintained, cascaded, repurposed, and ultimately, recycled. The presenter spent much of his career with both major Canadian railways in the engineering and purchasing functions, dealing specifically with rail. Some of his behind-the-scenes photos cannot be seen anywhere else.

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