Calgary Model Railway Clubs

There are a number of model railway clubs in and around Calgary. Each has its own membership policy and method of operation. Some clubs are actively seeking new members while others may be at capacity.

In general, the clubs operate independently of the Society, although the Society does have some of its board members appointed on the recommendation of specific clubs as outlined in the by-laws of the Society.

If you want further information about any of the clubs listed below, please contact that club directly.

If you are a member of a club which is not listed and your club would like to be included, send a note to the webmaster with the details and we will be glad to oblige.

If your club is listed below, please ensure that the information is current. Let the webmaster know if any changes are needed.

Clubs listed on this site:

Bow Valley Model Railroad Association
Calgary British Railway Modelers
Calgary Free-mo
Calgary Model Trainmen

Calgary N-Scale Traksters Society (Cantrak)
Rocky Mountain Garden Railroaders
Southern Alberta Lego Users Group
TNG Model Railroaders (now closed)

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Bow Valley Model Railroad Association

Club Contact: Richard Johnson (rhjohnson@shaw) 403-288-1789

The Bow Valley Model Railroad Association is a private club consisting of about 20 members. We have no permanent space and meetings are usually held in members' homes, limiting the number of members. Members model eras from early 1900 to present, in steam and diesel, freight and passenger, prototype and freelance, mainly in HO but also in N and G gauge. Our modular HO layout is continuously changing, with over 220 feet of modules to choose from for displays at shows and other events. Modules are all double track mainline, with scenes varying from rural to freight yard, at members choice. The group participates in most model railroad activities in and around Calgary, going to about 6 shows or displays each year. We use Digitrax digital command equipment at shows and at many of the members' homes.


The Cal-O-Rail group was formed in 1974 and was the first "O" scale club in Calgary.

Our first layout at the Meredith Road location lasted for 22 years when we lost our lease due to possible redevelopment of the premises.

Our new location at the 18th. Scout Group hall is home to a fully functional, operating layout depicting the Canadian Rockies which continues towards completion and may be further expanded in the future.

We take part in" Supertrain" each year and host open houses when asked, we are currently building a new modular layout for the 2005 "Supertrain" show and are nearing completion of a 6 track passenger train storage yard.

We meet Tuesday evenings 7 - 9:30 p.m. and Saturdays 11 - 3:30 p.m. and welcome visitors. Please contact Bain Spielman 403-560-1896 for more information.

Rev. 2016-03-09

Calgary British Railway Modelers

The Calgary British Railway Modelers are located in Calgary Alberta Canada. We've been together in one form or another since the mid 70's. First as the Calgary Chapter of the BRMNA (British Railway Modelers of North America)and since 1993 as the CBRM, although still affiliated with the BRMNA. We are a small informal group modeling British Prototypes in: N, OO,OO-9, and O scales. Our members have varied tastes from OO-9 Welsh narrow gauge to OO scale modern image. We generally meet bimonthly at member's homes or at the local pub.

We have a new club layout with plans for further improvements and additions. We also help individual member exhibit their layouts at shows and exhibitions.

Contacts: Martin Dawe and Chris Jessop

Calgary Free-mo

Free Form Modular Group


HO Scale. Calgary Free-mo is a group of modellers building freeform modules in HO scale compatible with the North American Free-mo Standards [see ]. Free-mo standards define the endplates of the modules and some minimal internal restrictions to enable smooth operations. Between these endplates, modules are built with single or double track mainlines, and can be any length and degree of curvature. Modules can be arranged in any combination (even flipped 180 degrees) and assembled into layouts that run between staging yards and/or return loops. Our motto is 'Never the same layout twice'.

We participate in shows such as SUPERTRAIN, GETS, and Railway Days; we organize Alberta Free-mo each August with modules from all over western Canada and the northern United States; and we organize or attend other setups during the year.

We are open to new members at any time. We have no limits on number of modules or participants. Members of the group help each other in all areas of module construction. We have bi-monthly business meetings and other group events such as construction and modelling sessions throughout the year.

For more detailed information, building standards and our meeting dates/ locations, visit our website at

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Calgary Model Trainmen

The Calgary Model Trainmen’s Club, founded in 1938, has just moved into new premises. This is an exciting time for us. We are in the process of designing a permanent HO scale layout geared for operation. New members are welcome to help design the layout and assist with the construction. All levels of skills are welcome- we can teach new skills and give you the chance to hone those skills.

Our new home is located at #7 - 11 Street NE, Calgary near the Calgary Zoo and two blocks away from the Bridgeland- Memorial C-train station. We normally meet Wednesday evenings.

For more info, contact Brookes Harrow at 403-201-4937 or check our Web site-

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Calgary N-Scale Traksters Society (Cantrak) (N-Scale)

First formed in Calgary, Alberta in 1974, the club was formally organized in 1975 and incorporated in 1981 as the Cantrak Society of Model Railroaders. It was reorganized in 2014 as the Calgary N-Scale Traksters Society.

We are a group of model railroaders who share a common interest in and passion for 1:160 N-scale modelling. Our mission is “making N-scale modular railroading fun”.

Members build two-foot by four-foot modules based on a modified standard of the one defined by the NTRAK Modular Railroading Society. Standard track spacing allows member and club modules to be connected to form larger layouts of various shapes and sizes which we build for a number of shows and events every year.

We meet twice a month in members homes where we do project and layout planning, module and model construction, model train operation and socializing. We also hold a number of learn-to-do clinics, layout tours and family fun events annually.

New members are always welcome!

If you are interested in learning more or sharing what you already know about model railroading in general or N-scale in particular, please contact us at

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Rocky Mountain Garden Railroaders

Jeffrey Burk – President – 403-272-5546 (
Scotty Beaton 403-273-7577 (

G Scale. The fastest growing sector of the hobby are garden railroads. Right now we have 41 members and we are still growing. We are open to new members whether they have a train or not. Our prime concern is to have fun and promote the hobby of railroading. Some of our members have track in their garage, some out in the garden, some running around the roof of their basement, and some just like to scratchbuild buildings. We are a very versatile group and generally have a lot of fun. Meetings are every third Thursday in the month except July and August when we have frequent open house meetings.

Southern Alberta Lego Users Group (SALUG)

Club Contact: Daryl Faulkner, 403-936-2024